The initial presence of Chinese-language movies


  • the most well-known overseas Chinese film festival / film and television + popularity + resource integrationl

The purpose of the China-Britain Film Festival is to establish a close strategic partnership between Chinese films and the global film industry through this platform, and to provide support for the promotion of outstanding international films in the Chinese and Asian markets. As a long-term official cooperative brand in the UK, Mason Events takes full advantage of its British home court and jointly promotes Chinese films to move from the UK to Europe.

Mason Events accompanied the development of the 5th China-Britain Film Festival and planned every link with the China-Britain Film Festival Organising Committee in detail. Such things include, but are not limited to; warm-ups, the awards ceremony, forum and film week and inviting distinguished guests from the political circles, business circles, and nobles in the UK. The brand awareness of the China-Britain Film Festival has been further enhanced in the UK and Europe, and it has made outstanding contributions to the promotion of Chinese films in the UK.

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