Social Media Marketing

Accelerate your campaign across multiple digital platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, Google, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn and TikTok. Mason Events tailors a portfolio delivery strategy for Chinese enterprises based on different stages. Our team integrates an overseas multi-platform operating matrix to engage with a connected and global audience.

Meanwhile, Mason Events will use years of experience in offline activities to help you achieve online and offline integrated marketing in the process of overseas promotion of the brand, to build a benign ecosystem for the brand going overseas, and achieve business goals.

Global influencer marketing

Mason Events collaborates with thousands of high-quality influencers worldwide, distributed in various fields such as lifestyle, fashion, travel, food, beauty, vape and games. With the team’s experience and effective technical support, we will match you with the most suitable influencers in the shortest time, accurately target the audience, and obtain new customers worldwide.

  • Brand research, accurately positioning the target audience
  • Multi-platform influencers quick match
  • Creative content customisation
  • Internet celebrity live broadcast
  • Offline activities integration
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Digital advertising

Digital advertising has become one of the most important channels for brand marketing around the world. It helps brands use the minimum resource consumption in exchange for the largest range of efficient communication and this is Mason Events’ business goal. The diversified forms of digital advertising mainly include social media, YouTube and other video streaming sites, and search engine advertising. In addition to having extensive social media resources, Mason Events also maintains a long-term cooperative relationship with local British media and local Chinese media.

  • Social media advertising: advertising and operation of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and social media platforms
  • Video ads: Directly publish video advertisements on large video streaming media such as YouTube, or publish video advertisements through bidding
  • Local media advertising: agency procurement of major media advertising spaces and cooperation with adware

Overseas social media operation

From building brand awareness, stimulating customers’ interests in your products and services, to achieving online sales success, social media can attract and cultivate new customers at every stage of the brand’s overseas marketing.

Mason Events provides you with one-stop operation and management services for overseas social media platform accounts. From account creation to user growth, we focus on creating a professional and international brand homepage for you. Radiating global consumers on overseas mainstream social media platforms such as Instagram / YouTube / Facebook / TikTok / Twitter, we aim to turn participants of online activities and followers of social media platforms into the best supporters of your brand.

  • Account Setup
  • Page Design
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Content creation
  • Graphic Design
  • Post Management
  • User Engagement
  • User Growth
  • Public Opinion Monitoring


Overseas FB Community Management

Community has become one of the most direct ways for brands to connect with consumers. It is the only magic weapon to build brand influence and quickly cultivate local fan loyalty. Mason Events has a wealth of experience and skills in the operation of Facebook fan communities, helping brands form a benign ecosystem with local fans in the process of going overseas, and achieve faster and better localisation of featured brands.

  • Community Inbound marketing
  • Interactive content production and topic initiation
  • Increase and maintain user loyalty
  • Community cycle analysis report