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Mason Events has been authorised by SUBCON Show organiser as the exclusive official partner of the China region for 8 consecutive years. For the past years, Mason Events has been committed to matching high-quality buyers for Chinese companies before the show, during and after expansion. Using home advantage, Mason Events provides full-course consulting services, and continuously brings the latest industry information and matching platform resources to Chinese brands to help with their overseas marketing.

Wide Scope: The exhibition attaches great importance to the quality of merchants. All the merchants attending the exhibition are suppliers, buyers or professionals in the manufacturing industry. Among them, 85% of the merchants are senior decision makers and influential people. 30% of merchants have an annual order value of over 1 million pounds. 60% of customer products are actively looking for new suppliers in SUBCON.

Large Scale: The exhibition is a professional exhibition for processing and subcontracting parts processing business through contracting samples. Production enterprises directly introduce their processing capabilities and technical levels to customers and expand processing trade. More than 400 exhibitors and 5000 professional merchants came to visit and consult. During the exhibition, nearly 40% of the companies will book the booth for next year.

Large Market Demand: The UK has a huge subcontracting market, with high processing costs and high labour costs. A large number of customers are looking for processing partners from the initial design of the product to the final molding to expand the processing business of the product. Exhibitors obtain trade opportunities by displaying samples and drawings in business samples.


SUBCON is one of the most important exhibitions in the field of international subcontracting and was established in 1976. The exhibition is a professional exhibition focusing on contracting samples, processing drawings and subcontracting spare parts processing.

Chinese Exhibitors

China’s mechanical processing capability is relatively strong, and it has become the world’s product processing centre, which attracts global attention. However, there are still a lot of surplus labour and spare equipment in some areas. Participating in this exhibition can effectively contract machinery and electronic processing business, expand processing trade exports, solve enterprises’ unsaturated production conditions, and obtain more benefits. In recent years, Chinese companies have continuously participated in the exhibition, and achieved very good trade results. They have received merchants from the United Kingdom, France, the Czech Republic and other countries, and signed contracts of more than one million US dollars on a regular customer base.

Government Economic and Trade Conference

As one of the key overseas exhibitions of Guizhou Provincial Department of Commerce in 2019, Subcon has been highly valued by the Guizhou Provincial People’s Government. “The Guizhou Government Economic and Trade Conference” was held on June 4, 2019 in the VIP room of the NEC Hall. Mr Li Jun, Foreign Trade Department of Guizhou Provincial Department of Commerce, gave a detailed introduction to Guizhou’s industrial enterprises and their excellent products at the meeting, also discussed the huge potential of Chinese industrial enterprises in the British market, and proposed the exchange of overseas resources with the SUBCON organiser. Event Director Mr Gordon Kirk and Commercial Manager Mr Jason Dante held eager exchanges with the Guizhou Provincial Department of Commerce at the meeting, personally felt the industrial development prospects of China’s open economy, and expressed their strong willingness to cooperate and communicate with Guizhou.