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Design • London was formerly known as 100% Design London, which is one of the leading design trade events in the world. As one of the largest in UK and most eye-catching commercial design exhibitions in the world, Design • London attracted more than 400 participation and drew attention of the world's top design teams, brands and various media.

Mason Live

In September 2018, Mason Events assisted the Hundredcrafts to bring a series of original houseware of “Discovering the Beauty of Oriental Life” to the 100% London Design Exhibition. The “cloud and water” screen outlined a dreamy water wave with superb hand-made double-sided embroidery and seed-embroidering skills, which became a well-deserved “star” in the entire exhibition. Among thise houseware, there was also works that won the German Red Dot Design Award. The endless stream of visitors and continuous praise, interviews and reports from well-known media, and more than 600 intention orders, which all proved that the Hundredcrafts “first show” in London was a complete success.

Lead Generation

On September 14th 2018, Mason Events joined hands with the British College of Culture, the London School of Art and Business, the China Design Centre, Hundredcrafts, the Jiangsu Intangible Cultural Heritage Innovation Experiment Centre, Nanjing Gulou District Council together, at the Bloomberg Gallery adjacent to the British Museum, for the signing of projects “Sino-British International Intangible Cultural Heritage Innovation Centre” and “International Design Exchange Centre”.

The attendees included: Mr Zhang Jinghua, Member of the Standing Committee of Jiangsu Provincial Party Committee, Secretary of Nanjing Municipal Party Committee; Mr Zhang Tai, Deputy Secretary-General of Nanjing Municipal Party Committee, Director of the Research Office; Mr Pan Guping, Chairman of Nanjing Wentou Group; Baron Steven Von Kohorn; Chairman of the University of Oxford Corporate Club; Chairman of the British Architecture Centre; Mr Collin, former President of the British Royal Architectural Association; Ms Angela, representative of the Irish Handicrafts; Professor Paul Bhangal, Dean of the London School of Art and Business; PhD Yingying Tian, ​​Founder of the China Design Centre;  V&A Museum representatives and other guests from the fields of politics, culture, art, business and investment from China and Britain.

Under the witness of guests from all walks of life in the fields of politics, culture, art, commerce and investment from China and Britain, the three strategic cooperation agreements, “Sino-British Intangible Cultural Heritage Innovation Centre Cooperation Agreement”, “Sino-British International Convention and Exhibition (Nanjing) Cooperation Agreement” and “International Cultural Exchange Centre Cooperation Framework Agreement” were successfully signed. Among them, Mason Events as one of the main bodies, signed the “Sino-British International Convention and Exhibition (Nanjing) Cooperation Agreement”.